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Keep track of your daily gifted Palians and weeekly wants.

Release Notes

Tue Jan 30 2024

🍕 Recipes Tracker Update

The recipe tracker got some new things to track:

  • Found Recipe
  • Cooked Recipe

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/recipes

Mon Jan 22 2024

🍕 Recipes Tracker

A new tracker is online: https://www.paliatracker.com/recipes

  • Starter station and all needed stations
  • Ingredients
  • Focus and Gold value (average for star quality and no star quality)
  • Where to obtain the recipe
  • Where you need the dish
  • Filter by weekly wanted recipes, bundles or accomplishments
  • Track the accomplishments

Tue Dec 19 2023

🪲 Bug Tracker Updates

  • Import / Export from @Shaykan 's Bug Tracker Good news for everyone also using the original Bug Tracker! There is now an import function to transfer your progress from the original Bug Tracker to the Palia Tracker Bug Tracker.

🌬️ Vault of the Gales

  • The Wind Temple bundle is now also available

Filter Updates

  • It is now possible to filter for not caught fish/bugs AND not caught star quality fish/bugs by enabling both toggles.

🌍 Translations

Feedback is always highly appreciated. Please let me know if you experience any issues or mistakes or have any ideas ❤️

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/

Sat Nov 25 2023

🪲 Bug Tracker

A new bug tracker is online: https://www.paliatracker.com/bug-tracker

  • You can see where and when to find bugs as well as track which ones you already have caught.
  • Tick the "NOW catchable" box to see which bugs are currently catchable.
  • The bugs are listed in the same order as in the collector achievements by default to easily compare your current progress.

🎁 Gift Tracker Update

Current locations of the villagers are now shown as hints as well as the hint, if the villagers are currently sleeping

Feedback is highly appreciated. Please let me know if you experience any issues or find any mistakes 💚

Happy bugs catching @Palia !

Tue Nov 21 2023

🎁 Gift Tracker Update

Welcome our new villager Subira with lovely gifts and weekly wants. 😉