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Keep track of your daily gifted Palians and weeekly wants.

Release Notes

Thu Jun 06 2024

💰 Gold Profit Tracker

  • Gold Profit fertilizer and (glow)worm outputs should now be adapted to the changes from the latest game patch

Please let me know if you experience any wrong data

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/gold-profit

Fri May 31 2024

🐞 Flowers & Plushies in Bug Tracker

  • Filters for flowers and plushies
  • Text search also filters for flowers and plushies that may drop when catching the bugs
  • Info icons for flowers and plushies (with direct link to Plushie Tracker)

🐱 Plushie Tracker Update

  • Filters for where to get the plushies from
  • Bug info is now linked to Bug Tracker

:chest_common: Bundle Tracker Update

  • The whole vaults can now be marked as complete for a better overview

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/bug-tracker

Tue May 28 2024

🐱 Plushie Tracker

Just in time with the new plush items of todays patch a new tracker is available on paliatacker.com: the Plushie Tracker

  • Track which plushies you have obtained
  • Track which plushies you have displayed on your plot
  • See which plushies are available
  • See how you get the plushies

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/plushies

(The icons for the new plushies may be incorrect but hopefully corrected soon)

Tue Mar 26 2024

🌲 Vault of the Roots

  • The vault of the roots bundle is now available to track

🐛 Bug fixes

  • The filtering of the recipes accomplishments should work better now
  • Missing Grilled Mushrooms Recipe is added

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/bundles

Tue Jan 30 2024

🍕 Recipes Tracker Update

The recipe tracker got some new things to track:

  • Found Recipe
  • Cooked Recipe

@Palia https://www.paliatracker.com/recipes