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Palia Tracker

Palia ā€“ Made by annieBananiePartner App

Keep track of your daily gifted Palians and weeekly wants.


Palia Tracker The Palia Tracker is an online tool that should help to keep track of different game progresses.

šŸŽ Palia Gift Tracker Increase your friendships with Palia's villagers by keeping an eye on daily gifts, weekly wants and daily chats to leave no NPC behind.

https://www.paliatracker.com/ (former: palia.anniebananie.io)


  • Mark daily gifts
  • Mark weekly wants
  • Mark weekly wants as gathered
  • Mark romantic gifts
  • Mark conversations
  • General gift ideas for every NPC
  • Hide, sort and filter the list of NPCs
  • Works on mobile
  • and many more

šŸ“ Palia Bundles Tracker The bundle tracker allows you to keep an overview which items you still need to finish the temple's bundles.


Bundles included: šŸŒŠ Vault of the Waves šŸ”„ Vault of the Flames

šŸŸ Fish Tracker The fish tracker allows to track you caught starred and unstarred fish and also shows which fish are catchable where, at what day of the time and with which bait.


šŸž Bug Tracker The bug tracker allows to track you caught starred and unstarred buds and also shows which bugs are catchable where and at what day of the time.


šŸŖ™ Gold Profit The gold profit tracker shows different crafter outputs for each crop to compare your gold outcomes as well as worms and fertilizers. Mark your favorite crafter for each item to easily find in which crafter you usually want to put which item.


šŸ—“ļø Palia Weekly Challenges Tracker The weekly challenges trackers allows to track the progress of completing weekly skill challenges to earn Skill Medals.


šŸ’Ž Palia Pebbles Tracker The pebbles tracker is a quick checklist to track which pebbles are given to Einar for the Pebbled Plunder accomplishment.


Updated at Thu Sep 14 2023

Current Feature Requests/Issues can be seen in https://discord.com/channels/320539672663031818/1021543411293106217 with tag "šŸŽ Palia Tracker".

Feel free to add posts with the tag "šŸŽ Palia Tracker" with feature requests, issues or any ideas that come to your mind.

Updated at Mon Jan 08 2024