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Sons Of The Forest Map

Sons Of The Forest惻Made by DevLeon

Real-Time position tracking, nodes and more

Release Notes

Sat Feb 24 2024

Player position detection is broken. A fix is in development šŸ‘

Mon Feb 12 2024

@Sons Of The Forest v0.38.0 of the Sons Of The Forest Map is available!

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ā„¹ļø Updated Nodes @Borys has been hard at work! This update brings in a slew of new nodes, updates existing ones, and removes outdated ones. Additionally, you'll find new screenshots and refreshed icon images to enhance your exploration journey.

šŸ” Improved Search Functionality Say goodbye to guesswork! Now, when you search, the results display the description of a node instead of just the type, making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for.

šŸ‡µšŸ‡± Polished Polish Translations We've cleaned up the Polish translations to ensure a smoother and more consistent experience for our Polish-speaking players.

Wed Dec 20 2023

@Sons Of The Forest v0.37.6 of the Sons Of The Forest Map is available!

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šŸš€ Discord RPC Support Elevate your Sons Of The Forest gaming experience with Discord Rich Presence (RPC) support. Now, proudly display your current position on Discord. Explore the link here to learn how to control and customize your Activity Status and Rich Presence settings on Discord.

šŸ”— Release Notes Link Added Stay informed with the latest updates by checking out the release notes.

Wed Nov 29 2023

@Sons Of The Forest šŸ“¢ Update Announcement - Sons of the Forest Map v0.35.0

We're excited to announce the "Filters Update" for the Sons of the Forest Map! This update brings a more visually pleasing and intuitive experience to your exploration journey.

šŸ”„ Enhanced Filter Organization:

We've reorganized filters for better usability. Now, find utility nodes on the left and interesting locations on the right. Enjoy a more visually appealing interface with updated filter colors.

šŸ”³ Multi-Filtering for Nodes:

Dive deeper into your map experience with support for multi-filtering on nodes. This allows for more precise and tailored exploration.

šŸ†• New Additions:

Introducing two new filters: "Cave Loot" and "Bunker Loot". Discover hidden treasures and essential supplies with ease! Added or updated two distinctive icons to enhance visual guidance.

šŸ’” Other Enhancements:

Improved the overall user interface for a smoother, more engaging map interaction. Enhanced color contrast for better visibility and navigation.

šŸŒ Resources:

We're committed to continuously improving your gaming experience with Sons of the Forest. Download the latest version of the App now and explore the forest with newfound ease and clarity!

Thank you for your support, and happy exploring in the forest! šŸŽ®šŸŒ³

Remember, you can support us (and enjoy an ad-free experience) by sharing our project on social media. Stay tuned for more updates! šŸš€šŸŒ²

Tue Nov 21 2023

@Sons Of The Forest v0.34.1 of the Sons Of The Forest Map is available!

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šŸ™ˆ Anti-Spoiler Settings:

  • Show Images
  • Show Description
  • Show Requirements
  • Show Teleport
  • Show Togglego
  • Show Compass
  • Show Spawn Item

šŸ†• Brand New Additions:

  • 10 new nodes
  • 6 fresh descriptions
  • 3 additional items
  • 6 updated requirements
  • 23 new warnings
  • 26 teleport here locations
  • 16 new images
  • 216 hide/show toggles
  • 143 spawn items

šŸ”„ Updated Features:

  • 13 node types got a revamp
  • 234 nodes got snappy new titles
  • 11 nodes got updated descriptions
  • 25 nodes got a new position
  • 3 warnings got a makeover
  • 3 teleport here locations got an update
  • 4 items got refreshed
  • 25 images got a makeover
  • 1 wiki link was added

šŸŒˆ Other Cool Changes:

  • Two new node types: Email and Pamphlet
  • New icons for the fresh node types
  • Radios have a new home in the Electronics filter category
  • Darkened the text color for the Underground tooltip for better visibility
  • Added tooltips for Lakes with an additional section featuring the togglego command
  • Updated names of Lakes/Ponds for easier searching
  • Changed checkboxes to switches for a more polished look
  • Updated menu information and links