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Sons Of The Forest Map

Sons Of The Forest ā€“ Made by DevLeon

Real-Time position tracking, nodes and more

Release Notes

Wed Apr 24 2024

šŸŒ² @Sons Of The Forest šŸŒ² šŸ“¢ New Map Update Alert: Sons of the Forest Map v0.44.1

šŸ” What's New

  • @Ghostwalker71 has been busy! Check out the new nodes, updated existing ones, and note the removal of outdated ones for a streamlined experience.

šŸš« Ad-Free Experience

  • Enjoy uninterrupted exploration and consider supporting our work! You can support Leon here. Sharing our project on your social media also boosts our efforts immensely!

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šŸ™Œ We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback. Happy exploring and stay adventurous!

Sun Apr 21 2024

@Sons Of The Forest Game events should be fixed now. Make sure to restart Overwolf to trigger an update and launch the game afterwards.

Fri Apr 19 2024

@Sons Of The Forest The player position detection is broken since the last game update. I reported the issue to Overwolf (who is responsible for the detection).

We need to wait for them to fix it. As soon as there is an ETA, I will let you know.

Keep in mind that Overwolf is a company based in Israel. Their weekends are on Friday and Saturday and there might be additional delays because of the ongoing war.

Update: Overwolf told me that they will release a fix on Sunday

Tue Apr 16 2024

@Sons Of The Forest v0.43.0 of Sons of The Forest Map is available

You can support Leon (and get rid of ads) and by sharing this project on social media. SOTF.TH.GL Overwolf App

ā„¹ļø Updated Filters We've updated the filtering, combining Fishing Huts with Campsites and changing node information from Underground to Inside Bunker or Inside Cave for clarity.

This update also eliminates duplicate icons in the Custom Nodes menu, enhancing visual presentation.

Thu Apr 11 2024

@Sons Of The Forest v0.42.0 of the Sons Of The Forest Map is available!

You can support me (no more ads) and by sharing this project on social media. SOTF.TH.GL Overwolf App

ā„¹ļø Updated Nodes Big thx to @Ghostwalker71, our newest contributor! He added new nodes, updates existing ones, and removes outdated ones. Additionally, you'll find new screenshots and refreshed icon images.