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A simple and lightweight CSS framework


:Skeleton: Welcome to Skeleton - Your Overlay Companion :Skeleton:

Skeleton is a powerful desktop application designed to enhance your gaming and streaming experience by providing seamless website overlays right on your screen. Developed with passion, Skeleton offers a range of exciting features tailored to your needs.

🔍 Customizable Website Overlays

Skeleton empowers you with a comprehensive suite of customization options, allowing you to fine-tune your website overlays to perfection:

🎨 Opacity/Transparency: Adjust the opacity or transparency of your website overlays to strike the perfect balance between visibility and immersion. Whether you prefer a subtle hint or a clear view, it's entirely up to you.

🖼️ Border: Enhance the appearance of your overlays with customizable borders. Add a sleek frame around your web content or choose to go borderless for a seamless look. You can also define the border-radius to give your overlay unique shapes and styles.

🔝 Always On Top: Keep your overlay content front and center with the "Always On Top" feature. No more distractions – your chosen website stays visible at all times.

🖱️ Click-Through: Need to interact with the game or stream beneath your overlay? Enable click-through mode to make your overlay window non-interactive, allowing you to click through it as if it's not there.

✂️ Cropping: Precision matters, and Skeleton provides cropping options to ensure your website content fits perfectly within the overlay. Crop, resize, and position your content with ease.

🚫 Frameless Experience: If you seek a completely immersive experience, you can remove the window frame, which typically includes menus like File or Edit and window controls such as minimize, maximize, and close. Enjoy a clean and frameless view of your web content.

🌐 Open Source Project

Skeleton is an open-source project, and we welcome contributors from all backgrounds. If you're interested in getting involved, check out our GitHub repository and become a part of our development journey.

🎮 Requirements

To run Skeleton, you'll need Windows 10/11. Ensure your system meets the requirements for the best experience.

Download the latest version from our GitHub releases to get started.

Updated at Mon Oct 09 2023