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Seekers of Skyveil

Seekers of SkyveilMade by DevLeon

Interactive map

Release Notes

Fri Apr 05 2024

@Seekers of Skyveil I hope you enjoyed the last playtest! Please give me feedback for the map (https://seekers.th.gl) and share your screenshots of items, stats etc.

The map locations are updated.

Thu Apr 04 2024

🔑 Exclusive Playtest Keys Giveaway!

Attention all Seekers! As I gear up for the upcoming playtest of Seekers of Skyveil, I'm excited to announce that I'm giving away 10 exclusive keys to our dedicated community members!

To participate, simply reply to this thread with your enthusiasm for joining the playtest. The first 10 users to respond will receive a key for the upcoming playtest, scheduled from <t:1712275200:F> to <t:1712289600:t>.