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Diablo IV Companion App

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Ingame overlay to help you find your perfect gear affixes.


Diablo IV Companion A companion app for Diablo IV, to make life easier in finding the correct affixes.

You can support me on https://ko-fi.com/josdemmers

Install instructions: https://discord.com/channels/320539672663031818/1124004184199528600/1124007850058981436

Latest release https://github.com/josdemmers/Diablo4Companion/releases

GitHub https://github.com/josdemmers/Diablo4Companion

Wiki https://github.com/josdemmers/Diablo4Companion/wiki

Updated at Thu Jun 29 2023

Planned features, improvements, feature requests, and bug fixes.

  • Add support for OCR. ⌛
  • Add different shapes to mark affixes on the tooltips.
  • Add numbers to mark affixes on the tooltips.
  • Improvement: GUI improvements in no specific order.
  • Different tile color for affix that are being used.
  • Extra filter to show only tiles of active affixes.
  • Add drag/drop support to reorder affixes and aspects.
  • Adjustable size for the sidebar in the Affixes view.
  • Class icon for affixes and aspects. (all classes + generic).
  • Color aspects by category.

Updated at Sun Oct 29 2023